Local Video Recording

I want to implement automatic local video recording when video session starts.
I did quick install jitsi-meet with moderator mode and etherpad integration in my local machine and then dig in lib-jitsi that how everything is actually working and now I am on jitsi-meet api. I want to create customize room (with customized role and GUI) in my server when needed (I am trying now) and

I also want local video recording, means I want the recording from any specific person (moderator/student) view point and want to use local video/audio for less complexities with all requirements (no network or resolution issue). So, when the specific person enters the room through api, video recording automatically starts in his local machine and become off at the end off the conference.

I am not familiar with recording in ubuntu in low level so plz shed light on how should I implement this and which way I should proceed.
Thanx in advance :heartpulse:


I have no idea of available software that can do this. All I can tell how jibri is doing it, by launching a chrome instance in a display :0 and ffmpeg is getting its input from that display to record or stream it to youtube.

how can I go to the low level of jibri/video recording and try to implement in local side? any website or place u may suggest?

What do you mean? This is the project repo https://github.com/jitsi/jibri

I meant the documentation or website/others where this is explained from low level .
like for jitsi meet, in lib-jitsi there are least sayings how the connection is established and then configure/connecting other things,the works/steps behind the installation.

Nope there is no such documentation. But basically there is not much to explain, other than launch chrome in X and grab that display with ffmpeg. Details are in the source code.

Ah . . this could be an interesting application for running in a Fedora Podman container - I need to get recording working routinely for Jitsi and I also want to do more Podman containers . .

@Philip_Rhoades_P can u plz explain a little bit? can I be able to implement local recording each time a different jitsi conference happens?

Well I am interested in developing Podman containers as replacements for Docker containers - and this video recording method looks like it would be a good project for a Podman container - but I haven’t done any work on it yet and I am not sure when I will have time to look at it . .

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@Philip_Rhoades_P Ok, plz make me know (may be here) when you will look into that.
I am highly interested in this feature but as a new in this area I am facing hard times even understanding or sometimes trying to implement silly features. Feel ree to suggest me any blog/website regarding this idea. Thanx in advance :heartpulse:

Have you seen the way daily.co does local recording? It records both video and audio, no additional software necessary, just plain Chrome. I have no idea how they do it, but it’s clearly possible, I wonder whether it can be done in Jitsi’s web client as well?


I want to know that too.

Ditto . .

I found in this same forum a link to this PR https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/pull/3223

says it’s already merged
anyone has experience enabling this feature with the docker version self-hosted ?

This is local audio recording, where all participants are recording locally and manually sending audio to one of the participants so he can assemble high quality recording. Main use-case is for podcasts.

I can add breakout to your jitsi meet instance with local recording and etherpad to full funtionality, and you can have control to all of them in your API, I can handle a webinar mode that guest can not sea each other too, I made a change to jitsi alot and now is ready to others but not for free and not expensive.

  • Break out
  • Local Record no jibri needed
  • Local Snapshopt
  • Etherpad
  • HIde guests from guests and moderator sea all
  • stream to youtube/instagram/facebook and all rtpm server.

Hi Nima,
I’m interested.
How can I reach you?

you can find me on nima.alizadeh.m@gmail.com