Local testing of local server?

So I’m a bit out of my league here but have managed to do quite a bit.

I have a server on my home network running ubuntu 18 LTS and have installed jitsi meet, i have a domain pointing to my external IP, port forwarding setup to the server, ssl is working, I’ve even gone into nginx and redirected www. -> non www. and done some small config changes to the jitsi config file.

The odd thing I can’t even figure out how to get to work is that when I try to connect to the server via the public url, I can only connect to it with one computer on the same local network. After that it just times out. It still works just fine for everyone outside the LAN. For testing purposes I’ve been wanting to have a couple laptops out, do a call between them, make some changes to the config, restart service, new call, see what changes and if its what I want. However I can’t seem to get that to work. UNLESS one of the computes is the ubuntu server itself, then I can have two going, but that doesn’t really work for me since the server doesn’t have a mic, speakers and webcam.

Where do I start on this??


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