Local recording in Jitsi Meet Electron app

Dear All,
many thanks for implementing local recording functionality in the latest stable build (working now also on my own deployment).
Currently, it works only with Google Chrome browser but not with the latest Jitsi Meet Electron app (2022-09-01) - tested on meet.jit.si and own deployment.
would it be possible to implement it also in the electron app?
kind regards and many thanks! MS

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Hum, interesting point. I don’t think we can do that since it needs to download a file, which we don’t implement in the Electron app, and in addition the tab selection thing is unnecessary, we could guess which window we need to record…

It needs more work.

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Thanks a lot for your prompt reply!
I still hope that this feature can be implemented to use the electron app as very easy usable “all-in-one” solution for Jitsi Meet (would be somehow strange to use an app with less features than the browser can offer)

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Nice sound. Are you working on this feature? Please go ahead, it’s beautiful feature.

Nobody is working on it, that I’m aware of.