Local Install & Config - Jitsi on windows environnment using WSL & Ubuntu App from windowsStore

Hello. I tried to install Jitsi server locally on my windows 10 machine using WSL & Ubuntu App (from windows Store).
Everything is ok . After config, when i execute “make dev” jitsi app is served on https://localhost:8080.
But i have a problem. When i do some modifications from config.js or interface_config,js (“like changing default_LOGO_URL” or “DEFAULT_REMOTE_DISPLAY_NAME”), nothing is changed…
i Note that on webpack.config.js file, there is this constant "const devServerProxyTarget
" and i think that my application config is pointing to “https://alpha.jitsi.net

Ho can i make it refer/point to my localhost config installation ?

Please can you explain me why…i dont know how to resolve this problem and there is no manual how to configure jitsi to make it run on localhost.

thanks in advanced for your cooperation

not sure because it’s not at all linked to any Windows specifics, but could it be about