Local hosting (without access to dns)

Hey all,

we have a bigger company 1000+ employee and like to use a local server. It´s saves bandwidth! We have no access to DNS server and can only use a IP address for the jitsi server. Is there any (for beginner) documentation / how to for setup it? Maybe it is not possible to run a server in this configuration.

Thanks a lot and regards

You can do that with deploying and using only the ip address, but that will not work for mobile, for mobile you need a DNS and trusted certificate.

Do I have to pay attention to something specific? I try it often but without any result. After finish the
assistant (and reboot server) i can´t reach any site or something. I try some other tools webmin and apache2 and it works fine. I think i need some tipps… :confused:

Then install an internal DNS server. All businesses I know that are more than simple shops (say more than 10 employees) have one.