Local dev config ignores changes in configuration

Hi Community

I recently encountered strange issue. Seems that local dev server doesn’t pick up contents from config.js or interface_config.js
Any change is not reflected in chrome.
For example i tried to change
liveStreamingEnabled: false in config.js
GENERATE_ROOMNAMES_ON_WELCOME_PAGE: false, in interface_config.js
But localhost still allows livestreaming and generates room names.
If i serve compiled jitsi meet from server other than dev i see the config was applied.
Is there a way to make local dev use the config contents?


It turned out that to handle local configs instead of ones from backend you need to tweak webpack config to bypass the config requests like this(i marked lines to add):

function devServerProxyBypass({ path }) {
if (path.startsWith('/css/') || path.startsWith('/doc/')
        || path.startsWith('/fonts/') || path.startsWith('/images/')
        || path.startsWith('/sounds/')
        || path.startsWith('/static/')
        || path.endsWith('.wasm')
        || path.endsWith('config.js') // <- add this
        || path.endsWith('interface_config.js')) { // <- and this
    return path;
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