Local Clients disconnects and cant communicate

I have a Stand Alone Server with two interface IPs one local and the other one is Public. All clients both local and public can access the Jitsi Video App via the public interface of the sever (That is all local clients must have Internet before they can access Jitsi App.)

I created port forwarding on the Server so as to enable the local clients access the Jitsi app with out necessarily going via the Internet to access the public interface of the Server. It worked. Local users can now access Jitsi via the local interface. But I have two challenges.

  1. The Jitsi Web App disconnects users after every 30s

  2. The when clients connect from the local interface they can not communicate via voice or video with any other clients.

Please kindly assist thank you.

  • Remote and local clients should use the same host address

  • Enable the HARVESTER IPs in the JVB sip config

All Remote and Local clients actually use the same host address but I want the local clients to connect through the local ip, and the remote clients to connect through the public ip and still be on the same video room.

This is to make the local clients connect without going through the public interface/internet

Add a DNS A record to the internal DNS server (if exists) which points to the internal IP