Lobby/Waiting Room

it’s not even merged. as of why it’s not yet available see this - should popup automatically for every post on this forum :slight_smile:

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I’m too… waiting for a “Waiting Room”> I’m Head of IT in a Hospital and used this tool to conduct Dermatology clinics online while patient and the doctor in safe.

I encountered with problem when multiple patients are connecting which eliminate the privacy of the patients.

Therefore, Now I am looking for something else like Jisti which should be easy to user.


if you cant wait, you could create custom app that implement jitsi external app. there you can hide room url and implement ‘waiting room’ that ask/poll host approval


Can you be a little more specific on this idea. I am fairly new to the project.


Hi Damencho,
Has there been any updates to the waiting room rollout? Do you have a timeframe as to when you may expect this to be deployed?

Probably next week will be in master, and in a week or two on meet.jit.si


Thank you damencho

+1 would be very interested in this as well. Thanks

+1 very interested in this issue!
There is only a month i have jitsi and jibri running on my company environment, we already have 5vms running jibri servers, one the jitsi meet server on production and another for study/tests. Its an amazing product

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I was just searching for “Waiting Room” in the forum and found this discussion.

Is there an update on the waiting room function? I know this from Zoom and I think it is a great feature.

is this already in master? and where is the instruction to add ? how can I implement this from lib-jitsi-meet?

This is already in master. To enable it here is how: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/pull/6621/commits/273f357131fa629bb11e9b2e429fb118ae9f3af2
The functionality is in lib-jitsi-meet
and few events

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Thanx for the reply <3

Will it be possible to toggle lobby via an IFrame API command?

Wondering if something like this will be possible:


This is currently not implemented. Any help is welcome.

Is it possible to enable it via config or interfaceconfig overwrite parameter?

No, loading a Prosody module is necessary for that, in such cases the required configuration is done in the Prosody config file.

Apologies, my question was indeed vague; I meant, when enabled in prosody, instead of an moderator manually enabling it for a specific room, is it also possible to enable it for a room with a config or interface parameter?

I think not. Generally there is nothing in Jitsi-meet to setup special characteristics for rooms.

Is this feature only available for authenticated deployments? I made the changes to my prosody config but I am not seeing the lobby UI anywhere. Using the latest master branch.