Lobby/Waiting Room


Configure /etc/prosody/conf.avail/my.domain.tld.cfg.lua according to https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/pull/6621/commits/273f357131fa629bb11e9b2e429fb118ae9f3af2

(add 8 lines)

Moving the required lines form the auth domain to the guest domain as mentioned by @gpatel-fr did the trick. Thx a lot!

@fvw, shouldn’t the new deployments have this enabled by default as of today?

New deployments should have it enabled by default if you install prosody 0.11 in advance.

Hello, I installed a version of jitsi on my server 4 months ago, what steps should I follow to activate the lobby function?
And if someone already implemented it, could they show it how it looks? Thank you very much, we were waiting for this !!

What i did to get it working was a fresh Install of the server files.

Hope this helps someone.

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Does it necessarily have to be a new jitsi installation?
Can’t update the one already installed on the server?

You have to update prosody 11 and the /etc/prosody/conf.d/file here needs to be updated…so I don’t know if you can update that file without uninstalling and reinstalling.

It only took me an hour tops to reinstall and setup the security… shouldn’t take you much time at all. I’m still in school and this is my co-op so I’m not a pro or anything.

is that if I install jitsi again I will lose the changes made in the interface, that’s why I just want to update to get that new functionality

I’m not really able to answer that question as i hadn’t taken that path. Perhaps @gpatel-fr or @damencho can assist?

Can you not make note of the changes you made and apply on a fresh install?

it depends on what changes you did…if you compiled a new js code, there is no way you can upgrade and keep it. Same thing with css. Config files, not much problem though.

Hi, great support and info sharing …
Today, my last FRESH Installation (on Ubuntu Server 18.04 ) is working like a charm. many thanks !

I’m working with a fresh Install (on Ubuntu server 18.04) and w/ Last release of jitsi.
This works like a charm !

I followed steps summarized from @jmerinchuk
(while upgrading PROSODY because the installation was already working by a couple of days).

Without activating “Lobby room”, apparently, it is correctly working with 2 or more devices.

Using JitsyMeet 2.3.0 app for Moderator … I can see and activate the Lobby Room option.

Using FF (as Guest) the Lobby Room procedure works fine.

Using JitsiMeet app 20.3.1 in iOS … it works too.

Tnx a lot !

I wonder if the case of lobby_muc and main_muc are only in “the wrong place” because of the secure domain instructions require them to migrate them to another domain.

Or if they are on the wrong place since:

@damencho could you clear that doubt?

I just made a new installation, but when I install the secure domain for authentication, I already get the option of the lobby, can I have the 2 functionalities? authentication and lobby

try to follow the settings of @gpatel-fr but I was not successful to have a secure domain lobby, this is my configuration

and so I have it in my main domain

oh well, adding stuff in a forum post like ‘myurl.mytld’ is a way of hinting that these should be replaced by the actual values, not pasted as it. And in the VirtualHost auth… there should not be anything lobby related. The lobby stuff should be in the guest VirtualHost.

Thanks @gpatel-fr, I have enabled that feature

Hi master,

i have jitsi but not appear

What steps do I have to follow to see these options in my jitsi?

echo ‘deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/jitsi-keyring.gpg] https://download.jitsi.org unstable/’ | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jitsi-unstable.list > /dev/null

any additional steps like an update etc?
thks for you help

I did not know what steps to follow?

to get to these new jitsi functions that the current one does not have.


To update, upgrade and monitor logs: How to keep Jitsi-meet Updated?

For more information on using the lobby feature: [How to] How do I use the new Lobby Feature?