Lobby/Waiting Room

Hi there,

I’m pretty new to Jitsi Meet - but very impressed :wink:

I alreaday set up Jitsi Meet with a secure domain successfully. Now I wonder if there is some sort of lobby / waiting room for meetings? The idea is that guests have to wait until an authenticated user (moderator) let’s them into the room. This is something e.g. Microsoft Teams offer and which can be very handy in some situations.


If you enable secure domain on your deployment, you will have this experience.

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Hi @damencho,

not really - or do I miss something?
With secure domain enabled a guest can enter the room immediately if the moderator is already in the room. What I want is, that the moderator can login and if a guest want’s to enter the room he has to approve this (this may be an option for the or a global setting).

The idea behind this is

  • if the moderator want’s to prepare some thing before the meeting starts he may not want to have guests in the room
  • that it would be possible to have more control over the guests (e.g. only guests known by there name are invited to the room

This would be very similar to how Google Hangouts Meet works right?

I’m not familiar with Google Hangouts, but this is how it works in e.g. Microsoft Teams.

Zoom also provides such virtual waiting rooms: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115000332726-Waiting-Room

i think (may im wrong) you must think by user and not by room , i mean 1 user= 1 room
if i understand your problematic, i think you should say : user1 has rendez-vous on room /roomOfTheModeratorAndRandomNumber
so the guest know the room name and will be in “waiting for room” until the moderator creat it, and no one could guess the room name .
Yes, moderator must keep a list of rooms=user… but in waiting for other solution… (such as max participant=2 that i dont know if it exist)
Just an idea for privacy …

EDIT: may be for the user, having its personnal room name can be a psychologic relationship added value :slight_smile:

The scenario you describe is already possible with the secure domain. What I/we want is

  • a moderator creates a room and send out invitations
  • guests can open the URL and will get to a waiting room
  • the moderator gets notified about new guests in the waiting room and decide if he want‘s to allow the guest to enter the room or not

The benefit of such a sulotion is

  • total control of who enters the room
  • control over when someone enters the room (in case you want to prepare some things)
  • prevent bombing of rooms

Yes, this would be a highly welcomed feature. Especially since there is a race condition: if the moderator creates a room and wants to set a password, as soon as someone is already waiting for the room said person can enter the room without a password before the moderator is able to set one.


That is also one thing I am struggeling with, trying to see if there is any way around that with maybe a custom site that just implements the jtisi viewer. Would be nice directly in jitsi though.
Or make it auto-generate a password when the Host enters.He can still disable it if he wants to.

My minimum requirement qould be a configuration option ‘only allow anonymous access once password is set’. Hmm, that might be easy to implement as a lua module …

there was a brief mention of a lobby/waiting room idea in yesterday’s call. I’d like to add my vote for this feature too! :wink: Not sure if there is another place to put feature requests?

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Exactly what we need to be able to abandon Zoom.


Adding this feature has to be a high priority.

If say you wanted to use Jitsi to hold a surgery where you didn’t want participants to see each other in the room, they would need to wait in a lobby and be brought in for a consultation and then returned to the lobby before the next consulted is brought it

Could you just give each consultee a different room name, rather than queuing them up for the same room?

Sure but then if it is a dropin type of surgery rather than pre-booked and you want to publish 1 url in an open format, then that rapidly becomes impractical

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Understood - thanks!

+1 from me. Great feature idea

+1 from me as well. This doesn’t have to be default, it may be optional while creating the room.

+1 I am also very interested in this feature.