Lobby screen not shown on mobile app

I’m building Jitsi Meet for mobile and I faced a runtime problem.
When a user try to access a room with the lobby enabled, the LobbyScreen does not appear.
In the middleware the JitsiConferenceErrors.MEMBERS_ONLY_ERROR is correctly rised, I can follow the code until it tries to open the LobbyScreen in ConferenceNavigationContainerRef with the navigate method, but it does nothing because conferenceNavigationRef.current is null.
If the lobby is disabled, the user can access the room.

I’m building the version 7001
with node 14.19.1
npm 7.24.2

I made some local changes to the code, but nothing in lobby folder.

Do someone have any hints?
Are there other folder i must compare to check for errors I may have introduced?

Any hint is appreciated,

Please don’t take arbitrary points in the git repo to build the apps. We use release branches. The latest (just submitted for review) is mobile-22.1. The latest released app version is {andorid,ios}-22.0.1

Thanks for the hint @saghul.
I’m building version 2.0.7001 because it’s the latest stable and I was not aware there is a specific branch for mobile. I will try it and let you known the results.

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Using the branch jitsi-meet-mobile-22.1 everything went fine. The problem was in the differences inside /react/fatures/mobile/navigation files.
The lib works also if I copy that folder from the mobile branch to the stable one.