Lobby room


I tested the Jitsi lobby room and I have a question: “How can I set the lobby room to default enabled?”

Don’t think it’s possible at the moment. It may be not so trivial since obviously to answer knocking there must be someone in the room.

We have JWT auth, users with JWT sign in without lobby room, and we need default enabled lobby room for guests.

I tried this way, but this don’t works(add hook to mod_muc_lobby_rooms.lua)

host_module:hook('muc-room-created', function(event)
    local room = event.room;
    local node = jid_split(room.jid);

    local lobby_room_jid = node .. '@' .. lobby_muc_component_config;
    if not lobby_muc_service.get_room_from_jid(lobby_room_jid) then
        local new_room = lobby_muc_service.create_room(lobby_room_jid);
        new_room.main_room = room;
        room._data.lobbyroom = new_room;

oops, sorry I missed that you had posted under ‘Development’, I had assumed that it was an enhancement request. My 2 cents: I’d try more to setup the default in the UI (Javascript) rather than the backend (Lua/xmpp) since changing a default value does not make a substantial change in the behaviour.

Is it even possible to implement this on the backend?

I don’t know but it does not make much sense to me. From what I have seen in the code, UI defaults value are managed, well, in the UI.

@damencho, can you help?