Lobby room default enabled


How can I set the lobby room to default enabled?

AFAIK, you can’t. A room must exist before the lobby can be enabled for that room. You can use an API to enable the lobby as soon as the room is created and a moderator enters it as illustrated in the iframe example code.

I can enable after room create with prosody?

There should be someone in the room to let the others, so that participant can enable it.

First of all, thanks to the Jitsi team for an amazing product, delivered at just the right time.

I’ve just been through the above issue with a client. There have been a few discussions on these community forums (here in the Developers channel and elsewhere) about the chicken-and-egg problem of having a lobby enabled by default before anyone joins the room. It makes sense to me that that’s challenging to do and perhaps doesn’t make that much sense.

On the other hand, one feature that would be really appreciated is if we could set a room to enable the lobby automatically upon a moderator joining. So, the lobby is initially disabled upon room creation, but then after the moderator joins the lobby is switched on for any additional joiners. While of course the moderator can do it by themselves, I’ve seen a number of situations where the moderator just forgets to do it and then gets a surprise when someone joins the call without notice. It sort of relies on user behaviour - tricky especially for less technical users.

Perhaps it could be enabled with, to take Docker deployments as an example, a flag in the .env file? Or in interface-config.js? Is that something that would be possible to implement?

Thanks again for your amazing efforts, both with the product and with these forums.

Since in the default Jitsi setup the room is created by an user and the creator is a moderator, it does not change anything to the problem. I don’t think that what you want is so difficult, it’s just that code don’t write itself and most Jitsi devs don’t need this feature so it’s low priority.

Can this be achieved by making changes in the code?