Lobby on all the time , is it possible?

At the moment i must enable it as moderator. I want to that option been to enabling all the time for all user. Is it possible ?

Well if you enable it on an empty room, who will allow the first participant joining?

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The moderator should be able to connect to such a room and accept the person who wants to connect. We are talking about a situation where an ordinary participant will want to connect to the room earlier than the moderator. I would like this person to go to the lobby and wait for the moderator to let them in. And now I need to create a room as moderator first, enable the lobby. If someone has tried to connect to the same room name before, they will be automatically connected when the moderator enters.

Lobby is based on Memebers-only rooms in xmpp https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#terms-rooms
So only members which jid is in the members list for the room are allowed to enter. So someone needs to add that “moderator” there.
Allowing all moderators to enter is not an option as what about when everyone is a moderator like on meet.jit.si? And all_owners anyway executes after a user joins a room … so chicken-egg problem
In order to do that you need an external logic which can recognize moderators and based on some external logic allow them to enter certain rooms not all of them …

Thank you for the description, it allowed me to better understand how it works, but is that not what I need or am I wrong?

Yep, you can call this hook from your custom module based on your logic and that will enable lobby for that room.

Thanks. Last question, if I understand correctly, do I need to write a lua script and add it to the plugins?


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could you please share the study materials to help me write this script. I tried to write it but wasted a lot of time because a lot of things I don’t understand. @damencho

Is it possible to auto-enable lobby after a certain time, example: 10 mins ?