Lobby moderator dialog: UX worsened

We are about to implement the lobby feature.
One of our concerns is the moderator dialog to accept or decline knocking participants. Current dialolg looks like this (taken from https://meet.jit.si/):
It seems to be part of the notifications.

Initially the dialog looked like this:

There are several problems with the new dialog (I don’t know when it was changed)

  • There is no hierarchy of the actions. “Accept” should be the primary action
  • You can close the dialog. This leads to nirwana / hell because the knocking participant does not get any feedback and still thinks, that he might be approved. Moderator does not get feedback, that the participant is in limbo. The situation remains unresolved.
  • The entire dialog looks pretty bad, at least in comparison to the old one.
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You can open the participants pane and you can control it from there.

The refactor and removal of the old one were needed for some other UI modifications.

I understand.
Since we use Jitsi for secure therapy sessions with only one therapist and one client, the use of the participants pane is more confusing than helpful. The initial dialog was in our case more useful.
I guess we will try to achieve our goals by applying custom css. (and keep our fingers crossed, that the “data-testid”-attibutes won’t change …)

If there is no intention or resources to improve the situation for only two participants, then please close this ticket.

Btw. thank you for this overall great software!