Lobby mode: who can grant admission?

when using the lobby mode as an administrator, the participants of the meeting can also grant admission to new members of the meeting.
Am I doing anything wrong here or is that the way it works? Basically lobby is useless for me If I can’t control admission by myself…
Thank you for your help!

only moderators can grant admission, so unless you use the allowners module, it should not happen. If you use secure domain, only the authentified users can grant access (and also - I think -anonymous users who have received the moderator role from another moderator)

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I suspect you’re using the public instance of Jitsi at meet.jit.si. If so, everyone there defaults to moderator role. This is by design because the instance is meant to be a demo deployment, so everyone who uses it has access to all its features. If you want to restrict access to features (like the lobby), you can either host your own Jitsi server, or more conveniently, have the team at Jitsi manage one for you - https://jaas.8x8.vc/

Thanks a lot, that makes sense!