Lobby issue

I have self hosted jitsi with custom modifications all is well now we have identified a problem and need community help.
In our environment all meetings secured using jwt and moderator has jwt and other users can join without jwt which is fine.
Issue occurs when moderator enable lobby option without password and if his internet is interrupt and he try to rejoin that room, but he can not join to that room because his previous session still exist(I think so) and he need the owner rights.
My question is if he has the jwt token so why system is not allowing him right a way please guide is there any way to fix that problem.


IMO this is not a bug, this is a feature. No one should join a lobby room without approval even if they have a token.

When a moderator rejoins the same room, they are no longer the same person

Oh! Ho
I agree but if person join with jwt so he should join the room because he is moderator.

So what’s the approach to handle this problem !

err, how about adding a password ?

Yap that’s the solution