Lobby function by default for client users (= no Server-config)?

Hi there,
is there any way to enable the lobby function by default (with meet.jit.si), so that I could open a defaultroom for quick conversations and whenever someone wants to talk, I just have to let the person in?

Without the lobby-function I might be concentrated on my work or even telephone and I would’t take notice of my guest when I’m logged into my room.

Thanks in advance



Although what you are asking for is a logical thing to ask, and indeed it can be made available easily using basic tools for integrating Jitsi-meet with other software (through an application programmable interface), it’s not fitting very well in the default setup, since config that can be passed with the URL must be applied at once when creating the room, and if the lobby is enabled you can’t enter the room. So it’s not currently possible in meet.jit.si or any default Jitsi-meet configuration.