Lobby feature in Docker version

is this lobby feature enabled (can I enable manually) in current docker version (prosody 0.11.5) ? @saghul
I tried it with and without secure domain by configuring volume, adding necessary things but failed.
while trying with secure domain I added

modules_enabled = {
   lobby_muc = "lobby.meet.jitsi"
   main_muc = "muc.meet.jitsi"

in guest domain (as some posts indicated that adding these in guest domain works) and

Component "lobby.meet.jitsi" "muc"
    storage = "memory"
    restrict_room_creation = true
    muc_room_locking = false
    muc_room_default_public_jids = true

as a component.
I also used :

# Enable authentication

# Enable guest access

# Select authentication type: internal, jwt or ldap

and then created username,password for moderator.
but didn’t work… any suggestion or information in that case?
Thanx in advance :heart: