Loadtesting/benchmarking jitsi


I would like to do a bit of stress testing on my jitsi instance to see how it behaves when under load.
Jitsi-Hammer is deprecated and doesn’t work anymore. What I stumbled upon is https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/tree/perf-test/static/load-test but I can’t get that to work properly either. Which version of NodeJS is it supposed to run on? And is that deprecated as well by now? The branch is closed.

Any hints and help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Ok I figured out all the nodejs versions and modules needed, but the npm run build just builds a webpack thingy… I never used webpack and am at a loss on how to proceed from here.

I am also very interested in this. Do someone knows how to load test a Jitsi implementation?

Seems like jitsi-meet-torture is the way to go now, it not only includes some “standard” tests but also load testing with a thing called “Malleus” or “MalleusJitsificus”. I still have some issues with that, but looks a lot more promising. Jitsi Malleus POSTing to /session -> Code 405 this is my current issue

Thanks a lot @Cookiefamily