Loading meeting remains stuck when using external_api.js in reactjs web app

Hi ,i have added jitsi-meet external_api.js in my react app as given in this link and i used react-jitsi npm package as given in npm link.
i have used following jitsi component but loading does not go away.

import React, { useState } from 'react'
import Jitsi from 'react-jitsi'

    export const LiveMeeting = () => {
      const [displayName, setDisplayName] = useState('')
      const [roomName, setRoomName] = useState('')
      const [password, setPassword] = useState('')
      const [onCall, setOnCall] = useState(false)
      return onCall
        ? (
            config={{ startAudioOnly: true }}
            interfaceConfig={{ filmStripOnly: true }}
        : (
            <h1>Create a Meeting</h1>
            <input type='text' placeholder='Room name' value={roomName} onChange={e => setRoomName(e.target.value)} />
            <input type='text' placeholder='Your name' value={displayName} onChange={e => setDisplayName(e.target.value)} />
            <button onClick={() => setOnCall(true)}> Let&apos;s start!</button>

however ,the network tab of browser debugger success of all content as shown in below stackoverflow question .
i have also posted this question on stackoverflow but no could answer. here is stackoverflow question

We are not the authors of this package, you better ask them.

Hi, @damencho thanks for your response.any work around without this ‘react-jitsi’ .so that i can intigerate jitsi-meet api in react web app for video conference.

Just use javascript. Using the iframe api is very straight forward.

Hi @corby thanks for interest in my problem.
i have used the same javascript api in my index.html. now want to use its any interface object or component or function in this index.html page.i wonder how to use any component or function to use it in react component.

moreover,i have read thoroughly iframe api handbook but could not understand how to call it after adding javascript .any example would be very helpful.
fiaz ahmed

hi dear , i have found work around to embed jitsi in my react app .here is the link
adding jitsi meet to your react app.
thanks and regards