Loadbalancing with a videobridge for each tenant

I am trying to loadbalance with multiple videobridges, not based on resource utilisation but based on tenant. Say I have two tenants a and b for my site with URLs “a.example.com” and “b.example.com” respectively. I have two videobridges as well vba and vbb. What I want is to have conference for client a hosted on videobridge vba. I went through the documents and did find any solution. Is this something possible?


Welcome to the community, @skhuman

Yes. This should be possible.

Start with https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-videobridge/blob/master/doc/octo.md

Each video bridge will have its own region. For example, on vba, you’ll have:


The trick will be to find a way to add the right “userRegion” to config.js when served up by each site url "(“a.example.com” vs “b.example.com”)

deploymentInfo: {
shard: “shard”,
region: “vba”,
userRegion: “vba”

It’s the client side that reports to JICOFO what region it’s in. Then, JICOFO will use the provided userRegion to put you on the right video bridge and report back to the client for handshaking.

There is an idea here, from @damencho:

How to add the secondary jvb to main jitsi-server.

Hey @corby thanks. I will try it and update.