Loadbalancer in front of jitis-meet


I’m trying to configure jitis-meet to have a loadbalancer in front of it where all of the request are going to come from. the loadbalancer is setup internet facing and the jitis meet instance is set up in a internal private network. Currently internally jitsi is working, but I need to know what changes if any I should make to the nginx configuration file to allow external access to jitsi using the loadbalancer.


What changes do you mean for nginx?

Is your jvb on the same machine as jitsi-meet? If yes, and the public address will be your load balancer you need to configure the public ip address for jvb, check quick-install doc advanced, for nat and ports.

How are you load balancing? You need to make sure requests for the same room name goes to the same jitsi-meet instance.


currently I only have one machine with all the services installed in it for testing purposes. I want to use a aws lb in front of the machine which is located in our internal network. I wasn’t sure about the advance part of the install, but thanks for pointing me in that direction. I will try that configuration.

I wasn’t sure what the best way to loadbalance jitsi meet since your right, how would I make sure the request for the same room goes to the same jitis meet instance, any feedback in this area /architecture would we appreciate.


Http requests you can mach on a parameter room, all bosh rquests or any request that needs this matching will have the parameter. Others like serving the index can be random.


I tried setting up jitsi behind a loadbalancer this morning with the changes you suggested about adding the public an private IPs. I still can’t get my webpage to resolve with the loadbalancer. I get a grey page displayed, and when I inspect the element is see the following error “InterfaceConfig is not defined”

Not sure if this mean some of the scripts are not being loaded

Do I need to have any ports enabled in the loadbalancer side ?


What webserver do you use to serve jitsi-meet? It seems it doesn’t have ssi turned on.


I’m using nginx on ubuntu 16.I check that the ssi was configured in the config file of the sites-enabled directory. Also when i load jitsi from the IP address instead of going through the loadbalancer it eh jitsi page loads. with all the required files. It fails when I try to go though the aws loadbalancer. I just get a gray screen.


Isn’t the loadbalancer you use just open http or https connection to the original host, not sure what is the difference so nginx will have ssi off … Can it be that it access it by http://ip.address where you test it with domain name?