Load testing with Jitsi Meet Torture does not work as expected

We are using Jitsi as a web conferencing solution in our self hosted data center.
We are trying to load test with jitsi-meet-torture and seeing some unexplained behaviour.

In our testing scenario, we have 4 vms for load test. We are simulating 5 users per vm.
When we load test with a single vm, everything works fine. 5 videos streams are shown as expected.

But when we load test with all 4 vms the video streams count stuck at 9.

So, we thought it might be a bandwidth issue, but we can join the meeting with new real users and their videos are displayed, as long as they are not from jitsi-meet-torture.

Next we thought, vms might be overwhelmed by the video streams, but when we tried to use https://meet.jit.si , all 20 video streams were displayed as expected.

We tried jitsi version 5765, 6173 and 6726-1, the issue persisted in each version.
We are thinking it may be some configuration issue, but we could not find any solution.
Any help will be appreciated.

Any errors in nginx error logs? Does it help if you set a join delay with --join-delay=3000?

I’m just wondering if you’re experiencing the same issue I saw with nginx choking when there are many concurrent new connection. See:

Thanks for you reply, I tried the test with --join-delay=3000 but the issue still exists. The video stream count is stuck at 9 and new users can join with their own video streams.

Do you have starVideoMuted set in config.js?

Thanks, after updating the startVideoMuted , it worked properly. Does this property only affects user created by torture ?

No, this affects all participants.