Load test js

Hello, guys, sorry for probably dumb question, I’ve just cloned jitsi meet repo, did npm install and run make dev, and it works perfectly. But I have one question, I’d like to test my own server with new load-test js script inside resource folder. Could you pls help me with how could I do that ? I’ve run make compile-load-test and it finished correctly, but If I open index page it shows error in console, that min.js files couldn’t be find.

Is this what you were looking for?

Hm, not sure, my question is more, how it should work ? Should I create a script what will generate selenium instances and open that page or something like that ? Or is there already functionality inside jitsi-meet folder ?

I see, well that is not something that you can install with one command. So you need a selenium grid with many powerful nodes like 4cores and 4GB of ram at least, so they can run chrome with no problem. Make sure your grid works and then uncomment the lines I posted above so the script is accessible and then use the malleus test from GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-meet-torture that will use the grid to test your shard … setting up the environment for doing this takes time and is expensive, you can check the forum there were people already doing that and you can also ask them …