Load Balancing Test for Multiple Jitsi-Videobridge

I built multiple Videobridge nodes of Jitsi-meet referring to the YouTube video[1]. To test this load balancing function with around six client machines before a large meeting, I would like to change the load threshold of the first server for loading the second Videobridge or stop the first Videobridge and only load the second Videobridge. Is there any way to make this test?
[1] How to Load Balance Jitsi Meet - YouTube

Are you expecting 6 participants to be spread across several bridges? If you want that you also need to configure octo.

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Hello Damencho! Thank you for your comment. Octo is an interesting configuration, but it is my next step. I want to test load balancing with the current configuration using fewer (6-8) clients for now. I am trying with reduced resources (number of CPUs, memory) on the first server since I cannot change the thresholds, but it is not working.

Default configuration is one jvb per room.

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Hello Damencho! Thank you for your suggestion. I configured a minimum (primary and secondary) Jitsi Videobridge nodes using Muc and Colibri modules instead the Pubsub module to use the latest version of Jitsi Meet, referring to the developers’ guide in the Jitsi Meet Handbook and related sites, as shown in Figure 1. In the interim report on my website[1], I wrote the result of the first trial with a video showing a successful failover behavior of two videobridge nodes.
Still, I have a question about methods for controlling the load-balancing of the Videobridges. Because I could not move one of the two meeting rooms to another videobridge using some additional loads into the network and CPU. (However, the new room entry is assigned to the vacant Videobridge.) Is there any document about controlling the load balancing?
[1] BEYOND THE NET: TOOLS - Report11

What do you expect? There is no mechanisms to move rooms to a new bridge based on load. There are if one of the bridges become unhealthy.
The stress factor is checked when assigning a new bridge for the conference.

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If the videobridge is switched according to easy stress detection of the CPU and network, conferencing rooms will be sent to another videobridge frequently, like a playing catch. That’s indeed unhealthy. I have understood the part of the specification of the load balancing.
Thank you, Damencho!

-Yoichi Mizomata