Load balancing - limit per video bridge and how to observe

Can you tell me the limit per video bridge before load balancing starts? My understanding is Jitsi should start to offload onto additional video bridges based on the least busy server, but I’ve been monitoring logs and it appears only the first server where I have all Jitsi Meet components installed is actually getting calls.

I’ve tested this with as many as 20 simultaneous calls that I initiated all about the same time and none of them seem to end up on the secondary bridge servers.

Is there a better way to determine this? Is is maybe not logged w/the server name? Any suggestions for stress testing?

Depending on your configuration, load balancing between different
jitsi-videobridge instances is based on regions and bitrate. As a
first step in troubleshooting, make sure that jicofo correctly detects
the available bridges by looking for lines like this in jicofo’s log
BridgeSelector.log() Added videobridge jvbbrewery@…


I know it’s detecting the bridges, I can see it in the logs. That seems to be working fine. I’m not using the MUC config yet, as discussed in the other thread, to be clear.

I’m just not seeing any indication in the logs that any new calls originate on the other bridges.

Can you also tell me the approximate limit per bridge of total users and/or simultaneous calls?

I am facing the same issue here. I setup 4 JVB. I tested all 4 independently by stopping other JVB, all good. Jicofo is doing the failover fine.

No errors apparent on logs (Prosody, Jicofo, JVBs).
Jicofo will only select the first JVB, even when this one is at 80% CPU, 55participants, 7 rooms.

@Boris_Grozev, what do you mean by regions? Can we adjust bit_rate threshold somewhere?


OK I found issues:

  • I switched from pubsub to muc.
  • Regions wasn’t setup at all.

Now JVBs are perfectly balanced.

Added region in /etc/jitsi/meet/domain-config.js:

    // Information about the jitsi-meet instance we are connecting to, including
// the user region as seen by the server.
deploymentInfo: {
    // shard: "shard1",
    region: "asia1",
    userRegion: "asia1"

In jvb instance, /etc/jitsi/videobridge/sip-communicator.properties