Load Balancing JVB

Hi all,

I have a JMS server (JMS1) an two JVB servers (JVB1 and JVB2) configured, all connected correctly with JMS, without errors.
I see when start a video conference all users are connected to JVB1 but I can’t see anyone on JVB2.
How to JMS balance users to JVB servers ? Do you know ? How to force balance users to all JVB servers? How can I see in the log?
Thank you!

By default one meeting goes to one jvb. If you want to spread a meeting across several jvbs, you need to configure octo.

Ok, I have two JVB correctly added to JMS. How to balance each user for one room if I configure octo ?

How to configure octo at the JVB part ? I have only one region:

org.jitsi.videobridge.octo.BIND_ADDRESS=Which IP address is it? Private Ip address of each JVB?
org.jitsi.videobridge.octo.PUBLIC_ADDRESS=Which IP address is it? Public IP address of each JVB? My JVB server don’t have public IP address. Is it necessary?


Hi Damencho,

We have tested loadbalancing on 2 JVBs, and below are our observations.

Sequence of conference.
1st Conf 2 party >>> JVB 2
2nd Conf 6 party >>> JVB 1
3rd Conf 2 party >>> JVB 2
4th Conf 2 party >>> JVB 2

JVB 2 running 3 conferences of 2 users each and 6 users in total.
JVB 1 running 1 conference of total 6 usres.

So it seems that Jitsi also take care of number of users when scheduling a conference on a JVB(Not Just the number of conference. Which is really a good thing).

So can we conclude from this that Jitsi identfy the JVB with least number of users on a JVB and then schedule a conference.(Would be great if someone can put more light on selection of a JVB)

Also, I would also like to enable OCTO in JVBs but having same query as of jimmi_pinyol. If multiple JVBs will be in same region(In my case same machine on docker with multiple JVB containers, as host machine have more resources), is it possible to enable octo in them, to host large participant conferences. I have referred this, but not sure with IP addresses with single region setup.

[JVB Selection.txt|attachment]JVB Selection.txt (1.3 KB)