Load Balancing JVB

Hi all,

I have a JMS server (JMS1) an two JVB servers (JVB1 and JVB2) configured, all connected correctly with JMS, without errors.
I see when start a video conference all users are connected to JVB1 but I can’t see anyone on JVB2.
How to JMS balance users to JVB servers ? Do you know ? How to force balance users to all JVB servers? How can I see in the log?
Thank you!

By default one meeting goes to one jvb. If you want to spread a meeting across several jvbs, you need to configure octo.

Ok, I have two JVB correctly added to JMS. How to balance each user for one room if I configure octo ?

How to configure octo at the JVB part ? I have only one region:

org.jitsi.videobridge.octo.BIND_ADDRESS=Which IP address is it? Private Ip address of each JVB?
org.jitsi.videobridge.octo.PUBLIC_ADDRESS=Which IP address is it? Public IP address of each JVB? My JVB server don’t have public IP address. Is it necessary?