Load balancer or proxy settings to work with paths/directories in URL

Hi all,

I have a small question about working with subpaths in the URL.

If on Jitsi I go to:

https://meet.jit.si/test/1-2-3-4 and to https://meet.jit.si/ola/1-2-3-4 I end up in two separate rooms

If on our server I go to

https://{OWN SERVER}/test/1-2-3-4 and https://{OWN SERVER}/ola/1-2-3-4 I end up in the same room.

So somehow working with paths doesn’t work out of the box. Do you know what settings you put into the load balancer and/or proxy (or otherwise) to make this happen?

Thanks in advance!!!



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I’m looking for exactly the same thing: Unique room name by URL path
Do not have an answer yet though.

Would be great to resolve this, while the room names on my instance may be too easy to guess at this moment :neutral_face:


Anyone here that can help with this question/issue?

This should work with default jitsi-meet install when using nginx here is the config template https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/debian/jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet.example