Load balance participant in multiple JVB

Hi All,

We want to load balance participant in multiple JVB,
E.g. suppose first participant is joined in JVB1, then second participant should joined in JVB2.

We have tried octo configuration, but no luck.

Which Octo strategy did you specify?

Hey Freddie,

I have tried both.


Are you sure your all JVBs work correctly? Can you check each one with 3 clients in the same room while the other JVBs are stopped

yes all JVB are working correctly. SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy is not working. We have added octo:{probability:1} in config.js, but it does not split participant.

SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy is for testing only and if your bridges are working properly will put each participant on a separate VB.

See jitsi-videobridge/octo.md at 9b642e48097aa4388fa44f59d692f25c6ab908ef · jitsi/jitsi-videobridge · GitHub

The SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy can be used for testing. It tries to select a new bridge for each client, regardless of the regions. This is useful while testing, because you can verify that Octo works before setting up the region configuration for the clients.

If you don’t see that behavior then that’s a sign your bridges are not properly joining the JVB brewery on the meeting server.

I would watch at the Jicofo logs (on the JMS) while you restart each of the JVBs to verify they are being properly registered.

there should be octo port opened in JVB, can you confirm the port is already opened?

for example, this config in jvb will have port 4096/udp open.for octo