Livestreaming Another Youtube

so far I have tried livestreaming with YouTube and it is running, can it be streaming other than YouTube by adding another RTMP?

Yes, this can be done easily with small modifications in jibri.

any sample for edit ?

Thanks damencho, but i not found file my directory in /etc/jitsi/jibri

he means that you’ll have to modify the Jibri source to support another streaming service, then build and deploy that modified Jibri. Currently Jibri only supports YouTube.

Alright, I understand that Jibri currently only supports YouTube, but it can’t work with others for live streaming

You could build jibri from source and replace the rtmp url with any custom url.

This open PR might be of interest:

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@Boris_Grozev Please tell me you’re going to implement his code, this would help a lot of individuals worried about only streaming to YouTube, I have users right now that stream to YouTube but would like to make use of other streaming services.