Livestream unavailable at


We are a group who has been using regularly for our conference needs and we have also been livestreaming to YouTube.

Lately we have been getting an error of “Livestream unavailable”.

Any ideas on what is happening?
Will it come back to life?

Please share info and long live!

This is being looked into.

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I retried it few minutes ago, it didn’t work. Hope this comes back quickly.

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Any idea on what is actually the issue? Is it the Jibri server at

I have been trying with many different public Jitsi servers and all share the same problem…
Is it something on the Youtube side of things?

This is limited to we are looking into it. You can try 8x8 free for one month, you should not have problems there.

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Great to hear damencho!

I will go check it out right now. It’s at right?

Thanks for the heads-up!

Hello again.

I signed up for a account but the experience is not going smoothly.

  1. login at is just not working
  2. through the Android app I was able to login and experiment but the Livestream option is not present.

What am I doing wrong? is back to full power again.

hoping it can hold :pray:

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