LivePlanet - Meet each other, party, play, work with jitsi

Hello guys,

With the lack of other better option on forum for this post, i have decided to post in this topic and ask forum moderators to feel free to change it if needed.

After the Covid pandemic started, I begun a project to create a platform for users to meet each other and interact online. It has a ‘the sims’ look as it was developed in a way each person is an avatar that can walk and interact in a virtual world. But each avatar can talk to other avatars using JITSI technology.

I have changed Jitsi in a way the volume of the talk depends on Avatar proximity making it a really human-like speech.

I created this post to share this great project in a way other developers can see and maybe want to use the technology to create their own worlds in liveplanet. I want to share my project for the community.

My project can be accessed in

hope you guys enjoy.

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