Live streaming

Ok so so far I can only see a way for jitsi to live stream to Youtubes Only?
Is it already implemented or can we have jitsi capable of live streaming to Facebook and twitch and other platforms?
The youtube live streaming works great but more choices to stream would be excellent for many reasons.

Let me know your thoughts on the live streaming platforms.
Or if it is already in there then let me know how to enable it for Facebook at least :wink:

Many thanks

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Devs there never around?
I made a little tut for my project on live streaming on YouTubes But it would be so much better if you included Facebook live and other platforms like now.–E
here is my little demo witch you should have a laugh with lol

You should check out @emrah’s solution for alternative stream destinations - Tip: how to customize ffmpeg without changing Jibri's code

By the way, it seems to me like you just shared your YouTube livestream to Jitsi and not the other way around. You didn’t use Jitsi’s livestreaming feature, you shared your YouTube video (stream on YouTube) instead. Am I mistaken?

Jibri supports streaming to any RTMP url as of jibri_8.0-57-ge654f96. This is only available in unstable as of now, we’ll probably do a stable release soon.

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Hello @bbaldino,

There is a special case for Facebook which uses RTMPS. It’s possible to solve this issue using stunnel

Oof. Well we can just fix this by changing this line to allow for either.

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But there is another problem too :slight_smile:

ffmpeg from the official repo doesn’t support rtmps (at least for Debian, I’m not sure for Ubuntu). I think this is not the Jibri’s problem but be ready the future demands

Yes, the idea behind that was to get a larger audience and have less on your own server data wise.

That’s great to know but probably is a bit slow when people want it now.

Why is it possible to solve this issue using stunnel? you did it with youtube?

It is not a demand it is just an easy to do option that all the other webrtc clients have like Zoom not sure about 8x8.

I would say just do facebook at least because it is a great way to sell your conference client on your page.
Doing lives on youtube is a great way also to widen your audience without putting to much strain on your server. That’s why I did it the way I did it in my demo. It is also great for SEO.

were familiar with livestream rtmp someone tell what the rtmp link looks like that jitsi sends out.
if anyone want to test it we can help test-flash is still barely alive but it does work still.

just testing see if it works

If I was part of this Jitsi or 8x8 devs I would make the client able to live stream as I did on Youtube on every platform or the most popular like Facebook to have a bigger audience plus a great way to advertise. Also, it can take the weight off the server running Jitsi.
I would implement that right now, it is not hard to do.

Any news on Jitsi Meet livestreaing to other platforms?

@wisdomlight This is possible already with the current stable.

I use jitsi meet AppImage on linux.
I can only stream to YouTube.
I’d like to stream to Vimeo.
Any chance you’d give me a hand with this?
Thank you

Check out this easy guide -