Live streaming

I need to implement live streaming while meeting has been started.
Can I able to do this?

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Do you want to use the Live-streaming feature?
If yes then you need jibri for this. If you are using your own setup then please follow the below detailed post by @Freddie for understanding and installing jibri.

  1. What is jibri
  2. Installing jibri.

Once the recording started working then you can enable the live-streaming feature in /etc/jitsi/meet/ file by changing this to true

can i do it on android and IOS device?

Yes you can start recording from any device.

can you give steps for that?

You can try on

I dont have linux so i can not fire any command of that

Try using the Jitsi app on your mobile device

i tried But live streaming not start immediate after joining meeting.
It will start after follow the steps like, Open dialog from toolbar add streamkey etc.
But i need provide streamkey and start live streaming immediate after joining the meeting

You need a customized client to start the streaming automaticly. It doesn’t work like this by default

I tried but it does not work for me if you have idea about that then share it please