Live Streaming will stop during Screen Sharing

Live Streaming will stop if I start Screen Sharing.

EC2 t3.medium for Jitsi and Jibri

What do you mean? Can you give more details?

If I start Live Streaming it’s fine.

Once I start screen sharing, the live streaming will stop after few secs.

And you hear the announcement ‘live stream has stopped’, the same way after clicking the stop live streaming button? If this is the case can you show the js console logs?

i couldn’t understand

What happens when your live streaming stops? Do you see that the live streaming indication is gone? Do you hear any announcement that it is stopped? What is your experience?

yes, the icon is gone and there is a announcement that live streaming is stopped.

I suspect someone had stopped the live streaming … Can you extract the logs when this happen from the js console of the client doing the screen sharing and from jibri?