Live Stream auto stop when use camera

Hello, I have default installation of Jitsi Meet Server. I have one videobridge on separate server and also I have one server for Jibri Installation with 2Cpu and 2Gb Ram.

Jibri still working if just sound.

Live stream or recording auto stop directly when camera or image is appear.

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Jibri needs more RAM 4 or better 8 GB of RAM.

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Owh okay,

How about CPU? It’s consume more of CPU or RAM? Or bandwidth?

At least 4 cores

Okay’ I’ll try it

It still not working, I was upgrade my instance to 4Cpu with 4Gb ram, the resource is not fully used.

Live stream or record still broken when turn on the camera.

Does your deployment works with 3 participants, before even trying jibri?

Yes, it works with 3 participant with 3 different internet Connection is fine