Live Standup Comedy Taping - Remote Livestream Room

Trying to record a standup comedy special with an all-remote audience.

Sounds easy in theory? I’ve worked in professional livestreaming my whole life and it’s surprisingly complex. Can you help me figure some things out?

Here’s the thing. Everyone in the audience tunes in on Zoom (or jitsi), right? We need to record video & audio of all audience members for use in the final product (when in a typical standup special they cut to the audience in auditorium seats laughing, we will cut to people in the Zoom meeting laughing).

So we need to end up with all that audio & video. On top of that, the COMEDIAN needs to hear the audience’s laughter & reactions with AS LITTLE LATENCY AS POSSIBLE, so he knows what to react against. That’s what makes standup standup–the feeling that you’re all in the space together, sharing the moment. More than a few milliseconds lag ruptures that magic.

Another thing: when the audience laughs, we want them to hear each other, but we don’t want THEIR LAUGHTER AUDIO to OVERTAKE THE COMEDIAN AUDIO. Even if we’re hosting a massive meeting in Zoom, we can’t do live audio mixing on the participants. We can only mute them, which is not what we want to do.

So you can see how all this, especially when we throw camera-switching in Wirecast on top of it, grows shockingly complex quite quickly. Do you see what I’m saying? Is there a genius out there who can help me please? Can I accomplish this with Jitsi? Can 100 people fit in a Jitsi room? Can we mix their audio live, if we’re the host/moderator? Will our video always be the main pinned one? Need HELP over here. If the Jitsi corporation can work with us to do a tech rehearsal we’ll throw Jitsi branding all over this shit, it could be big for Jitsi

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