Live jitsi session on youtube stops after 55 minutes


I use Jitsi to make “educative” interviews on several society topics. I broadcat the session live on youtube sothat only 2/3 people are on Jitsi at the same time.

In the spring, everything was ok. We could send the video to youtube during more than one hour (we used Jitsi with chrome browser). Now, with microsoft browser, it stops after about 55 minutes with vocal notification " Live streaming is off" (the Jitsi session goes on, but it stops on Youtube). Do you know why ? Is it because of the browser or is it a new regulation on Jitsi ? Thanks a lot.

on the server it is only 1 hour then the recording/live stream shuts off., I’d reccomend you host your own server to do such a thing or use or something of such