Listening to event readyToClose in iframe jitsi

I want to listen to readyOnClose event so that I can redirect users to another URL when the jitsi close conference button is clicked.
I am using jitsi iframe .

api.on('readyToClose', () => {

Does not seems to work. Please help.

You can try addListener:


Are you using
There is an interface config that is enabled there interfaceConfig.SHOW_PROMOTIONAL_CLOSE_PAGE which cannot be changed, this is inn order the terms and conditions to be correctly fulfilled by all users of that deployment. That property suppresses firing the event readyToClose.
If you are using your own deployment this is not enabled and you can control it.

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So there’s no way of detecting when the user ends a meeting if Jitsi is not hosted on a private server?

readyToClose is such event and it works regardless, its just on fired a little bit later because of the ads.