Listen to jitsi event from electron client

Hello jitsi community,

I’m working on a feature in which I have to listen to an event from an electron client to one another through jitsi meet external api.

My current flow is sending a command from the first client, then sending all the data to an event and making the other listen to that customized event. My command is already executed but I don’t know how the other client can catch up on the event sent by the command.

So, how can I listen to that customized event on the electron client and update the data to the electron?

Thanks in advance.

You can use this listener, if you used endpoint messages on the other end: Events | Jitsi Meet

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Thanks for your suggestion. I gave it a try and it seems like it doesn’t work as I expected. To make it simple, I want to send an event from an executed command through JitsiMeetExternalAPI to other clients. Is that possible? I’ve sent an event using the _sendEvent() but it just works for my own client.

You can send messages like so: Commands | Jitsi Meet

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Thanks for your support. But the command can only trigger built in events. How can I create my own customized events and trigger them using this external API?

Thank you so much for your support. I did it.