List of Speakers / time of hand raising

Raising hands is a great feature. But the additional info about the order of the raised hands is necessarity to replace a list of speakers.
It would would great to add the time when the hand was raised.



I second it. It would improve our meetings with Jitsy too.

This feature would be really perfect for moderation. Instead of a list, I could imagine a counter within or next to the “raise hand” icon. So, in gallery view I could have an overview. Maybe even the order of videostreams according to the order of speakers?

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Or just add a line to the chat with the participants name and time-stamp.
Should be fairly easy to implement in current UX…

Hi any new on it ? Can we try to make a PR for this ?

I think we add to had some part here

if (raisedHand) {
titleArguments: {
name: getParticipantDisplayName(getState, participantId)
titleKey: ‘notify.raisedHand’

A simple thing can be to write the text in the chanel instead of a notification.
Maybe we can open a Feature request on Jitsi-meet