List available rooms, restrict creation of rooms

Hi all

During last years scouting ‘Jamboree on the Internet’ we tried out jitsi as an additional platform to the existing IRC and TeamSpeak Platforms. It went very well with the kids.

But as always with Kids, especially in an event involving a world-wide youth organisation, special measures have to be taken to monitor the rooms and to prevent any child-abuse.

When using jitsi, this more or less boils down to having functionalities like on IRC or Teamspeak:

  • Offer a list of available rooms on the starting page.
  • Prevent the creation of additional rooms for ‘non admins’

I’ve found some old postings about people accomplishing both of those requirements, but that was done with external scripts or altering the jitsi code.

I have done several attempts at ‘branding’ our scouting jitsi installation but every update just mostly reverts and sometimes even broke my changes so I stopped messing around with it.

So still. I was wondering, does jitsi offer the looked after functionality ‘out of the box’ by now?


I suppose its the same as before. If you search the forum you will find secure domain config come up. Room listing is again not available as a feature officially i believe (i could be wrong).

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