Linux User to run Videobridge?

The Manual Install instructions for Videobridge states:

Create ~/.sip-communicator/ in the home folder of the user that will be starting Jitsi Videobridge

What is the preferred or recommended Linux account that should run Videobridge? For example, I’m installing jitsi (and trying to create an install guide for other Gentoo users) for Gentoo Linux. In Gentoo, when nginx is installed, a user with no login named nginx is created to run the nginx process. Should Videobridge then be run by user nginx? In Gentoo Linux, there is no directory under /home for nginx, though a directory does exist under /var/lib/nginx which I’m assuming is not to be altered.

I’m assuming that Videobridge should not be run as root.

So, create a local user account, e.g. “jitsivid” just for running the Videobridge?

It would be helpful if the instructions expounded a bit on that topic, perhaps at the beginning of the install guide.

When you install jvb on Debian this is the script from the debian package that configures it:

Including user creation, folders or other configs, you can follow it.
These are the files that are copied:

and the destinations.
You can find similar files in all the repos.

Excellent. Thank you.