Linux Mint went suspended while using Jitsi Linux App

Today I was using the Linux Jitsi-Meet app in Mint and the OS went suspended in mid call. I believe the app isn’t overriding the suspend clock? maybe it’s a bug? can high CPU usage cause suspension?

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You mean you install Jitsi Meet on your Linux mint or you use linux mint as your client?

If just you was suspend on the call, maybe problem is on your client.

If everyone on the call is suspended, maybe you can check the log of Jitsi VideoBridge

I’m trying the Jitsi Meet App available as Flatpak in which I believe is just a front end. It was a one to one call using the servers. Suddenly my computer shot down but when I pressed the power button I found it just went on suspension. The other side of the call had no issues and was online once the system woke up again.