Linux: Jitsi commandline tool?


I am looking for a commandline tool for Linux that allows me to show a list of all running Jitsi meetings and their participants and to kick a specific participant out of a meeting. Where can I find such a tool?

There is no such tool in existence, that I’m aware of, sorry.

Yeah, I tried that for a while too. I found no way to get a list of the currently running conferences. The component that should know this is prosody, as that manages rooms and participants. The best I could come up with was to add a module to prosody (I think it may have been external_services) and then write a polling bash script:


for name in all the names we typically use; do
  cur=$(curl -s -o - http://OURDOMAIN:5280/room?domain=OURDOMAIN\&room=$name)
  if [ ! -z "$all" -a ! -z "$cur" ]; then

echo "[$all]" >/var/www/conferences/cur.json

However! This does not list all rooms, only the ones that are explicitly given in the for statement. This was good enough for my use case, so I stopped looking for improvements. Others had some success with a very different strategy, namely, parsing the prosody logs to deduce the current state.

Hope this helps.