Linking of Jigasi to Web Participant

I am trying to see if there is any interested in someone developing a method to link a Jigasi dial-in user to an existing web participant. I am looking to sponsor the work and the dev would be responsible for getting it merged into the Jitsi project. The reasons behind this are described here: Link JIGASI audio track to existing participant - #7 by DSchaef and is pretty common among conferencing solutions today. If you are interested feel free to PM me.

Requirements would include:

  • Full functionality using Asterisk (PJSIP) or Freeswitch to include muting and unmuting participants.
  • “Call me” functionality that will call a PSTN number and link the audio & mic feed to that number. Should be in the drop down under MIC selection and active speaker should reflect on the web participant.
  • Dial code that will link a PSTN caller to a Web user. ie somewhere there should be a starcode that represents my user. After dialing in, I should be able to dial that starcode and then my phone number and my web session are then linked.
  • Audio should not be transmitted over Web session when a PSTN number is linked to a web user.
  • Mic control should control the PSTN Mic not PC when linked.
  • There should be an indication of PSTN linked in the WEB UI. Maybe change MIC to phone icon?
  • Would like a popup with dial-in options/directions if the web user’s mic is unavailable.

I have sent you a DM

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