Link local interface_config

Can someone please guide me, how to link local title.html and interface_config files?
I am running jitsi-meet at localhost, using command make dev

Do you have a working Jitsi Meet server? You will want that first.

Take a look at this thead: Modifying interface_config.js and applying changes in dev mode

Have deployed the code on server, functional changes are working fine, only not able to link local interface_config

Changed the path as suggested, still not working.

The default interface_config.js is located here: /usr⁩/share⁩/jitsi-meet⁩

If you make changes in that file, clear your browser cache and reload you will see the changes. You don’t need to run make

If you wanted to change the location to something else, you can edit /etc⁩/nginx⁩/sites-available⁩/ and add something like:

Location = /interface_config.js
     alias /usr/share/jitsi-meet/my-interface_config.js;

There’s no such directory on my local

The interface_config is only on root

The interface_config is getting loaded from

See the handbook:

By default the backend deployment used is . You can point the Jitsi-Meet app at a different backend by using a proxy server. To do this, set the WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER_PROXY_TARGET variable:

make dev

This may also help: Jitsi-meet local dev environment setup

Is there any alternative to this or it’s neccessary to have a separate deployment to which we have to point?

@corby have tried on local, by pointing to my deployment server by the command
but still its fetching the data from
Replaced the with the original one.
Please let me know, if it won’t work on local or I’m doing something wrong.

See this thread.