Limiting the number of tiles which are shown in tile view

Hi, I have a question about tile view mode. Is there any possibility to limit number of tiles which are shown in the view? For example there are 200 participants but I just want to show 2 of them in the tile view. Can I do it?

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You want to only show any 2 tiles at a time or a specific 2 tiles?

Actually it should be like this: There will be 200 participants and there will be shown 9 participants randomly at the beginning. Then we will control the participant which are shown in tile view. For example if someone open their cam, they will be shown in tile or hands up. The problem is that there is an option in config file which is tileView { numberOfVisibleTiles: 9 } but it is not working. I hope I could explain the problem well. I just want to limit number of tiles in the tile view.

What do you experience when you set this?

You can also look into using this to constrain the number of video senders at a time:

startVideoMuted: 9,

When I set the numberOfVisibleTiles, nothing has happened like I did nothing.

I think what you want can be accomplished with multi-pinning, but it’s limited to 6. You can go to Settings → More and select that up to 6 participants might be pinned, that’s the current max.

Then you can pin 6 participants and they’ll show like in a tile view, with the filmstrip on the side.